Service Providers

Service providers include all clinicians working in both public and private sectors across Africa

Why use the AHP?

The AHP facilitates:

Connect and engage with other professionals by creating a post, commenting or sharing a post. The newsfeed feature aims to solve everyday problems by asking “what is the problem you would like to solve?”

Grow with online learning via our e-store, masterclasses, case study discussion forums and library features. We aim to create the shortest supply chain for education by allowing professionals to develop and host their own courses for purchase by other professionals.

Earn by hosting an expertCLASS or online course, we give you 80% of sales revenue (T&Cs apply). CPD/ CME accreditation is not mandatory but encouraged.

Choose using the buyer group and newsfeed feature to engage with manufacturers, suppliers and other professionals.

For more information:


Check out our Healthcare professionals brochure: AHP Academic brochure v3.pdf

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