Research Institutes

Research institutes globally are welcome to join the AHP to share their initiatives and to locally source the requirements needed to conduct and promote continent wide research

Why use the AHP?

We live in a fast paced world where we are bombarded by information on a daily basis. How relevant is the information you are receiving? How quickly can you find what you are looking for? Accessing the right information and gathering data should not be painstaking, the AHP aims to improve access to your research audience from 1 central point.

The AHP Online forums enable:

-Researchers/students to conduct surveys/ focus groups/other research related activities with relevant professionals within the boundary of a secure, online space i.e. The Think Tank 

– The Co-ordination of project-related activities for studies being conducted in multiple regions/ countries; using our multi-way video conferencing tool and secure document sharing i.e. The Project Management War room 

– The Promotion of your article/dissertation/other by posting the link on the Newsfeed or Advertising on the site.

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Check out our Healthcare professionals brochure: AHP Academic brochure v3.pdf


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