Mid-size Companies & Corporates

Mid-sized companies and large corporates in the healthcare value chain include providers of service
(hospital and healthcare, distribution, construction), purchasers, insurers and manufacturers

Why use the AHP?

The AHP facilitates:

– Engage: The portal allows corporate teams to engage with professionals across multiple disciplines and geographies in a seamless manner using its Think Tank tool.

– Co-ordinate: The ability to coordinate various projects on the ground whilst leveraging expertise from around the world is facilitated by the portal’s  Project Management war room.

– Create: Discover the challenges or opportunities unique to your target market and co-create the solution with your audience.

– Refine: Uncover strengths and weaknesses in existing product design or service delivery.

– Assess: Determine benchmarking standards to assess performance and service delivery in each region.

– Promote: Advertise events, mobile apps and reporting links on the portal.


For more information:

Email: sales@africanhealthcareportal.com

Check out our Corporate brochure: AHP corporate v3.pdf