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Our first expertCLASS has been launched! Register now: Advanced Rehabilitation and management of Stroke patients: An African perspective

About Us


African Healthcare Portal is the social media platform for Healthcare in Africa. The platform aims to connect professionals to each other, as well as other members of the Healthcare sector, in and out of Africa!

Offering a digital space for solution-focused thinking, the platform aims to assist and empower professionals to network, collaborate and hone their skills.

It is the goal of the portal to consolidate the fragmented African Healthcare market, and drive efficiencies in the areas of online learning, knowledge sharing, networking, procurement and research. The portal is open to all members of the healthcare value chain, including corporates, NPOs, research institutes, academia and associations.



Why the AHP?


The virtual nature of the marketplace allows for seamless execution of research, online education, case study discussion and market analysis across multiple geographies and time zones.

Value can be created for Healthcare professionals, corporates and NPOs alike.